SE40 Week 4 – Heavy Metal Bonus Edition

We were talking Bon Jovi earlier this week, and that reminded me of a true classic: Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Judas Priest (with Dokken opening for them) played a show in Maryland in 1986, and some filmmakers showed up to document the fans tailgating in the parking lot outside the stadium. It is sixteen minutes of cringing, ridiculous hilarity, featuring these various characters talking about how they want to rock, and extremely creepily making out with their 13 year old girlfriend.





Maybe it’s mean to make fun of these well meaning dopes, but… naw, it’s too funny. Watch and enjoy:

Heavy Metal Parking Lot was an early viral hit, traded by people on VHS tapes and slowly gaining an underground following before the internet existed. Now anyone can watch it, but it isn’t as famous as some other things, probably because it’s more than thirty seconds long.

A decade and a half later the filmmakers actually succeeded in tracking down some of the stars from the parking lot, and it’s kind of sweet to see them reminisce about their lives then and since. The only exception is Zebraman, the legendary dude in the zebra suit, who doesn’t seem too happy to have been found, and says that he “got into hunting and fishing” and left that night life stuff.

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