The Ottawa-based Canadian Trivia League is the nation’s largest and most fun pub trivia league. Every week you can find a game in over twenty bars around town. Get a few friends together and give it a go. It’s free, it’s funny, and you can win prizes too. Wow! All the details you need, including locations and league scores, can be found at triviahalloffame.com. Play the weekly quiz here.

So what’s this blog? Well, every week there are a handful of weird questions that make you think “what? I have to research that when I get home”. And then you forget to do so. This site exists to bring you the strange tales and other marginalia inspired by the weekly quiz. I guess it’s trivia about trivia. Deep. If you enjoy it please do leave a comment, follow me, send your friends here, or anything. It is strangely motivating.

Who am I? Jeremy Latta. Go to my other, neglected blog to find out more. I also host at the Celtic Cross at 7 o’clock every Thursday. Come on down and say hello.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Finally! You told me about this blog. I lost the teeny tiny piece of paper on which I wrote it down and, after some clever sleuthing (all of 15 seconds one search in Google), I have found it! Looking forward to the posts.


    1. Hey! If you have large glasses I think I remember giving you an impossibly small piece of paper that you were sure to lose! And you did! And here you are! Oh my god the universe is so crazy.


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