SE40 Week 4 – Pac-man Fever

In Week Four we learned that some of Saturn’s moons have heat signatures which look like Pac-man. How much like Pac-man? Exactly like Pac-man! Check it out:


And if you google Pac-man you’ll have some fun. While we’re talking Pac-man, and given yesterday’s feature on novelty songs, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Pac-Man Fever concept album. Oh yes.


Released in 1982 this wasn’t just a crappy novelty song, but even worse, a crappy novelty concept album all about arcade games, with such hits as Pac-Man Fever and Do The Donkey Kong. And if I wasn’t depressed enough about my non-existent recording career, this thing sold almost a million copies! There is no god.

Buckner & Garcia performed Pac-Man Fever on the legendarily bad Solid Gold TV show, which featured musical performances and sweaty, scantily clad dance routines by the famous Solid Gold Dancers. You can watch their performance below, but I have taken the liberty of taking a screenshot of Buckner or Garcia’s utterly catastrophic moustache.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.48.57 AM
Amy, you wouldn’t go out with me in high school, but look at me now!

Is that thing glued onto his face? He wanted to look cool and figured the mullet, sexual-predator glasses, and lab coat just weren’t enough? Every era has its weird elements, but man… the 80s were really weird. Here’s the song. It’s terrible.

And here are a few shots of the Solid Gold Dancers expressing themselves, because how could I resist? These people are basically immune to parody, because, really, what more could you say?





2 thoughts on “SE40 Week 4 – Pac-man Fever

  1. Wow. I was a super faithful watcher of Solid Gold when I was like, 8. It…did not age well. Perhaps this explains my taste for gold lame, though.


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