SE41 Week 7 – And Featuring Laurence Olivier as “Spanky”

Yesterday we learned about Operation Satanique, the French government’s half witted scheme to blow up Greenpeace’s boat. The French make great villains, and yes (as the quiz noted last week) Miami Vice took full advantage in 1986 by casting none other than… Leonard Cohen as Zolan the evil French operative. Yes this actually happened.


Here’s a very detailed synopsis of the episode, but it’s written in the true Geek Style that makes it impossible to follow for more than two sentences; I’ll be impressed if you can actually read it and understand its meaning. I couldn’t. This led me to discover this awesome highlight reel of Miami Vice guest stars, and it’s pretty entertaining. Chris Rock, John Turturro, James Brown, Bruce Willis, and many more. Worth a watch.

And let’s take a moment to enjoy the title theme’s snapshot of 80s coke-fueled, crime-ridden Miami, white washed enough for network TV. It looks like a fun place, especially the dog racing.

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