SE40 Week 9 – For God’s Sake Go To A Hospital

Hey all three of you! I took some time off. I’m back with a vengeance. I will take a brief moment here to beg you to tell other people about this blog; it would be helpful. Now onto the stuff that brought you here: long term erections.

Remember two weeks ago we met the Egyptian god Min? Yes, that guy. The guy who walks around with a flail, whilst en flagrante. Turns out that, yes, that’s exactly what he does.



All the time. Constantly. This guy is never not ready for action. He evens sleeps with a giant boner.


Min’s job in the old days was to assure male virility and potency, through very subtle means.

This brings to the fore the fact that modern people have really lost the flair for creating cool deities. Min is a one man super party, ready to get down, whip slaves, or whatever else needs doing. Thor will kill giants and zap you with freaking lightning bolts. Heracles killed a snake as a baby, and killed a hydra, rescued a bull, etc. These guys did all kinds of heroic stuff. But now who are people worshipping? Wimps. Jesus and Muhammed, what are they doing? Hanging around in a cloud judging you, telling you not to go capture monsters or have a drinking contest with a troll, or basically do anything awesome. And Buddha? What’s he up to? Sitting under a tree, getting on your case for even existing. We really do deserve a better class of super beings outside of comic books and professional wrestling.

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