SE40 Week 4 – Arts & Crafts Merit Badge Award

I hosted at Time Out yesterday, where previously I had singled out a mystery team for high quality doodling. Well! Another, regular league team took things to the next level and then some.

This team goes by the name the Moon Cats. Last night they eked out a thrilling half point victory thanks to prescient wild card betting, and when I went over to congratulate them I noticed that one of the members was sporting a crazy sort of sparkly brooch, which I remarked upon. Unobservant lout that I proved to be… It turned out that one cat-obsessed, bedazzling member of the team made the entire six person team special Moon Cat pins. Rest of the league take note: you have been officially put on style blast.

tyyyyy tyyy ty tyyyy tyy tyyyyyy

The Moon Cats have definitely earned a Canadian Trivia League Merit Badge for Arts & Crafts (ed. note: Paul, this would be cool; surely creating and administering a complex system of badges and sashes wouldn’t be too much to ask?). In a similar vein, last Hallowe’en my team dressed up as a member of our team, including wearing his clothes and employing paper masks of his face. When my girlfriend refused to stop wearing the mask around the house things got creepy…

Has your team pulled off a similar feat of weird attire? Share it in the comments!

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