SE40 Week 1 – You Can’t Spell Undeserving Without “Dee”

In the first week of the new season we learned that there are a lot of Williamses on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, including… Billy Dee Williams? I wondered how on earth this might have come to be, so I checked it out. I just assumed that something as illustrious as a Walk of Fame must require some serious bona fides for entry, and that therefore I was unaware of Billy Dee’s major achievements. And? Yeah, not so much. He was in a 1970s TV move called Brian’s Song, that was apparently a big hit, and other than that he is known for two major roles. First, when George Lucas looked to respond to criticisms that the Star Wars universe was just too white, he conclusively refuted all his critics by creating, well, a 70s space pimp. Lando Calrissian.



And I just want to take a second to give credit to this guy’s costume. He NAILED it, right down to the way too phallic gun.


But let’s not forget Billy Dee Williams’ second most notable achievement: his longstanding work as spokesman for America’s favourite and least expensive malt liquor, Colt 45. Check out this extremely subtle marketing campaign.


What works? The pull tab? The physical integrity of the container? I don’t understand… It’s a very coded message that would only have been picked up by the most virile men of the day.

Other candidates for least deserving Walk of Famer? This guy:


Because Police Academy was such a landmark achievement.

Or this guy:


He went by the name Iron Eyes Cody. The only small hitch being, woops, he was actually of Italian origin, and his actual name was Espera Oscar de Corti.

Most deserving? My main man Ray Parker Jr.


He managed to get a song onto the charts featuring the line “bustin’ makes me feel good!” a feat unparalleled before or since.

Oh yeah check this out for something quick and funny on my other blog.


You can earn a star in one of five categories, and only one person has managed to earn all five. Yup, this one guy has five stars on the Walk of Fame, in motion pictures, radio, recording, television, and live theatre. Care to guess?

Hint: Born in Texas in 1907

Hint: famously performed Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Hint: was known as the Singing Cowboy

Hint: His name was Gene Autry

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