SE39 Week 7 – Boop boop de woof

We had a question this week about Betty Boop’s original appearance, in an animated short called Dizzy Dishes, which you can watch here. It’s pretty charming. Betty typically looks like this:


But in her first appearance something was a little different. She wasn’t human. But she was still kinda sexy, which is pretty creepy…


Yes indeed, she was a dog. Dig those gams, fellas! And those jowls would set any juke joint aflame. While the producers did see fit to make her human, they also retained her jowls, sort of, as a knowing nod to all of the fans who were sexually attracted to animals in high heels.

Bonus fact number one: Betty’s creator Max Fleischer was sued by Vaudeville performer Helen Kane, who claimed that the character was a blatant ripoff of her act. Here’s Helen:


She lost the case, however, when it was proven that Helen had ripped off her act from another performer named Baby Esther. Apparently sexy baby half-wits were all the rage in the 20s and 30s.

Bonus fact number two: somewhere in East LA there is an annual Betty Boop lookalike contest, where kids, including babies, compete to be just like Betty and everyone gets a trophy. Here is a photo of the event, which looks like an absolute must-attend.


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