SE39 Week 6 – Donald Sterling

I thank her for making me feel good

In this week’s quiz we got reacquainted with dear old Donald Sterling, racist sports owner, slumlord, sex fiend, and overall great guy. Paul (Paquet, the quizmaster) could only hint at Sterling’s depravity but I can give you a few more haunting details. The question is based on this statement, which comes from a deposition as part of a lawsuit (more on that in a second):

donald-sterling-sex-testimony And lest you think that this is in any way an erotic scene, let’s remember that the man in question looks like this:

Hello ladies
Hello ladies

The quote above is incredible, but the context might be even more so. Basically the way it happened is that the happily married Donald Sterling took up an affair with an Alexandra Castro, with his wife’s knowledge (apparently Donald and Alexandra’s first date also included Mrs. Sterling). Donald lavished her with gifts, but eventually she got fed up because he refused to give her what she really wanted: a baby. And thus they split up. But then what happened? The Sterlings sued the mistress to get back the loot that Donald had given her as presents! And these people are billionaires. To bolster his case he referred to his former lover as a prostitute, total freak, and piece of trash. Nice guy! And this wasn’t even the scandal that brought him down! Oh no.

He once got sued by his own General Manager, who claimed that Sterling had said that he wanted his LA Clippers basketball team to be “composed of ‘poor black boys from the South’ and a white head coach.” And that didn’t bring him down!

What did? Well, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling took a page from their old playbook, but this time they messed with the wrong mistress. Yup, they tried suing the lovely V. Stiviano, who apparently has some five other aliases (ed. note: if you are dating someone whose biography features the words “also known as” several times, maybe think again), for all the nice stuff Donald had given. But she decided to play dirty and woops-totally-accidentally leaked an audio recording of her man, doing what he does best. Namely, saying insane, hateful racist junk. Donald was annoyed that his ladyfriend had posted an instragram picture with Magic Johnson (let’s remember again that this guy owns an NBA team), and told her, amongst other things: “You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want”, but “the little I ask you is … not to bring them to my games”. Funny enough, this surveillance photograph indicates that several black people were already sneaking into the Staples Center on a regular basis:

Who let these guys in here?!
Who let these guys in here?!

Naturally the entire world freaked out, a lot of it with genuine surprise that anyone this heinous and stupid actually existed. The NBA banned Donald for life, and forced him to sell the team, but maybe the best part was when he showed up on Anderson Cooper to present his side of the story and apologize. When asked about Magic Johnson, he replied: “he acts so holy, I mean, he made love to every girl in every city in America and he had AIDS, and when he had those AIDS I went to my synagogue and I prayed for him”. Well, that convinced me! He’s a pretty nice guy. He should have called Burke-Robertson.

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